Artist's Bio

I should live in the tropics.  To those who know me well, I am happiest in the spring and summer.  My personality is a bit more effervescent, the spring in my step a tad bouncier, the smile on my face a little wider. I whistle more too, and that, says my husband, is the truest sign that I'm content.

I've decided that it's all about color.  In the midst of spring and summer, the colors around us are richer, brighter, and shinier.  Days are longer and the sun is higher.  Blooms are vivid, the sky is bright, and even our faces are more radiant.

I try to create that brilliance year-round through my incorporation of color in my work and to the inside of my home.  My home is a colorful collection and connection of silly swirls and lazy leaves—maybe even too many: when my daughter was small, she asked if we could some day paint a room in our house just white!

My inspirations are nature, water, and my children—not necessarily in that order! Why nature?  Nature's funky animal prints, curly vines, sinuous seagrasses, and brilliant flowers, are irresistible.  Why water?  The fluidity of water that helps form my wavy, wiggly lines and swirly-cues is playful, yet soothing.  Why my kids?  Over the years, their uninhibited doodles and drawings scattered throughout the house are filled with shapes, colors, and details that inspire me out of the box.  Their interests even help steer my creativity too (hey, thanks to them I paint hockey pucks and softballs!).

So my first goal is to bring design and brilliant color combinations together in unconventional ways.  My second goal is to always evolve with new ideas, designs, colors, and products.  And my third goal?  Well, it's to make you whistle too.

Tiffany Bradlee